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The 4th annual [email protected] event was held on March 1, 2019 in the historic Dayton Masonic Center from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. This event included dynamic young speakers with ideas worth sharing; developing entertainers with unique sounds; and active participation throughout the day. Thanks to all who came and supported our youth event!

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Thanks to Emerie Lukas Photography!


Photo by Emerie Lukas.

EMCEES: Jonathan North & Dylan Warren

Jonathon is a sophomore at Bethel High School located in Tipp City. He’s active in his school’s Concert Band, Marching Band and Musical Pit, as well as involved in Bethel’s Theatre Program. He loves to perform on stage and make people laugh, and being an emcee at this year’s TxYD event is an exciting new adventure for him. On Twitter @JonathonRNorth.

Dylan is a straight-A junior at Piqua High School. He is on track to graduate high school with an associate degree in Cyber Security. Outside of school, he is involved in refereeing soccer, participating in amateur HAM Radio and Boy Scouts, and volunteering at the WACO Air Museum. Dylan is always looking for new and exciting adventures and is excited to be a part of [email protected]

Photo by Emerie Lukas.


Why You Should Ask Out Your Crush

Alex is a junior at Beavercreek High School, and in his spare time he works on YouTube videos about his different perspectives and ideas. He loves meeting new people and is a part of his school’s debate team, varsity volleyball team, and meditation club. He is proud of facing his fears and constantly pushing himself to be better. He lives by the motto “seek discomfort.”

Photo by Emerie Lukas.

SPEAKER: Samantha Moore

Creating Your Storyline: How Fictional Characters Change Us In Every Way

Samantha is 17 years old and a senior at Miami East High School. She also attends Edison State Community College part-time. She will be attending Grace College and Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana next fall to major in pre-med. Samantha has always been an avid reader and has even written her own book, titled Deadline.

Photo by Emerie Lukas.

SPEAKER: Liberty Acosta

Understanding The “Other” In Your Life

Liberty attends the Miami Valley School and is the co-editor of the school newspaper, president of the diversity club, and a member of the Muslim Student Association and the Gay Straight Alliance. Liberty also founded an outreach project called The Queer Communications Project. Visit her blog to learn more about her, her project, important topics mentioned in her talk, and more:

Photo by Emerie Lukas.

SPEAKER: Aadesh Chordia

Building Your Brain With Music

Aadesh is a junior at Centerville High School. He is extremely involved in music and the sciences, playing the viola for the last eight years and participating in Science Olympiad for the last six. Exploring the neurological effects of playing an instrument was the perfect combination of his passions. One day he hopes to pursue these passions as a neuroscientist. #musicforthebrain

Photo by Emerie Lukas.

SPEAKER: Payton Hunt

Why Your Voice Matters, Whether You Have A Vote Or Not

Payton is a junior at Carroll High School. Her hobbies include reading, spending time with friends, family, and her boyfriend, collecting vinyls, and beekeeping. Her extracurriculars include three honors societies, YMCA Youth and Government, Spanish Club, Drama Club, and Academic Team. Her aspirations include attending Harvard or Vanderbilt to study political science, and becoming a lawyer and a congresswoman. She is proud of her academic achievements, her family and friends, and the steps that she is taking in her life to make a change. On Twitter @thatsnotmytea. #voters #youth #voterengagement #rockthevote

Photo by Emerie Lukas.

SPEAKER: Hayden Bullock

Leading Beyond A Title

Hayden is a senior at Bellbrook High School, where he is a captain of the football team, and participates in shotput and discus. Hayden plans to attend the United States Air Force Academy and will participate in both football and track at the Division 1 level. He hopes to one day become a pilot in the world’s greatest Air Force! On Twitter @bullock_hayden. #Leadership

Photo by Emerie Lukas.

SPEAKER: Emilee Weir

We Want YOU To Help Our Scientists: The Power Of Citizen Science

Emilee is a senior at the Dayton Regional STEM School. She enjoys drawing, birdwatching, snuggling her parrot Eddie, and chasing the squirrels off the sunflower seed and suet bird feeders. She plans to pursue degrees in aerospace engineering and something related to birds. Her ultimate goal is to start an avian-based research-and-design company after spending time as an aircraft designer. #citizenscience #ornithology #avian #science

Photo by Emerie Lukas.

SPEAKER: Khidirah Jones

Like Air I’ll Rise

Khidirah is 18 years old and is a junior at Meadowdale High School. After graduating high school, Khidirah plans to go to a four-year college, then continue on to obtain her Master’s and Doctorate degrees. She wants to start her own law firm and help those in her community, as well as travel the world to learn about different cultures. She plans to make her mark not only on the world but on peoples’ hearts.

Photo by Emerie Lukas.

SPEAKER: Samuel Caruso

The Future Is Ours: Student Activism

Sammy is a junior at Oakwood High School. Politics is a huge passion of his, and he has been involved in campaigns during the last few elections. Sammy is proud of his work organizing the Walkout Movement in Dayton and fighting against injustice. When he is not being political, he loves playing basketball (Go Flyers!) and the guitar.

Photo by Emerie Lukas.

SPEAKER: Anna Baugham

Overcoming Perfection: How Writing 90 Songs in 90 Days Cured My Creative Constipation

Anna is a singer-songwriter born and raised in the Gem City, Dayton, Ohio. She has been singing and playing the baritone ukulele for the past four years and just recently signed with Invention City Records. When she’s not playing on her uke, you can find her in her kitchen, making a mean strawberry pie. Anna is a freshman at Wright State and is pursuing a nursing degree. On Instagram @anna_marie_music.

Photo by Emerie Lukas.

PERFORMERS: Holly Klepacz and Emily Taylor


Holly and Emily are a musical duo from Dayton, Ohio. They are next door neighbors and have been singing and playing music together for many years. They write original music while also filming covers for their YouTube channel every week. They are most known for their cover of “Hooked” by Why Don’t We, which gained over 90k views when a member of the band posted the cover of the song to his Instagram story.

Photo by Emerie Lukas.



Vega is a ten-member contemporary a cappella group hailing from Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School. Vega is named after the brightest star in the constellation, Lyra, and is one of two award-winning a cappella groups at Chaminade Julienne. They are made up of students 10th through 12th grade, from all walks of life. As a group, they believe that music can change lives and should reflect the world around us. Their set for this event will focus on the mask we use to hide ourselves from society. As the 9th generation of Vega, they are incredibly excited to bring a taste of the vibrant a cappella community to the [email protected] stage. On Twitter @CJAcappella and Instagram @vegacjhs.

Photo by Emerie Lukas.

PERFORMERS: Isabel Lacon and Caroline Perry

Isabel is a senior at Miamisburg High School and dancer at Jsquaredance. She and her partner, Caroline, a junior at Oakwood High School, have grown together over the past 6 years as artists, and have received countless accolades for their hard work. Other than dance, Isabel has a passion for reading, drawing, and traveling, and plans to continue training to become a professional dancer and choreographer. Caroline loves to immerse herself in books, writing, and playing with her dog, Moses. She hopes to be on stage for a Broadway show or dancing for a famous artist, and dancing alongside her duo partner.


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In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxDayton, where x = independently organized TED event. At our TEDxDayton event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.

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